Used Equipment Buyers

Sell your unused, obsolete, and surplus equipment to Central City Group! If you have equipment sitting around your shop or commercial location that you want to turn into valuable capital, sell it to us. We are used equipment buyers for a wide range of industries.

When you trust Central City Group as your buyers, you can count on a fast, easy process and fair evaluation of your commercial equipment. If you’re looking to sell construction equipment or other types of surplus and turn it into the cash you need to grow your business, get started with us online. 

Sell Us Your Surplus Equipment

sell used equipmentOur network of online buyers is looking to turn the used equipment that you are not using into functional components of their operations. When you sell equipment to us, we help you make the most out of your investment and assets. Let us know what type of equipment you have, the condition of it, and the industry. 

We buy most types of surplus. With Central City Steel, you can sell industrial equipment from a variety of sectors, including agricultural, mining, forestry, and transportation industries. That means that no matter what you need to get rid of, we can help you move it. You can sell construction equipment that is obsolete and no longer used, excess electrical equipment, and much more.

Our Streamlined Process of Buying Equipment

We make it easy for you to sell your used, surplus equipment in the most efficient process possible. No matter the volume of material you have, reach out to us online. We will gather information about your equipment and the industry in which it is used. As buyers of large volumes of equipment, machinery, and materials, you can trust us to know what today’s valuables are.

Once we get some idea of what you have in surplus equipment, we can then offer a quote to you. Though full valuation is dependent on an inspection and verification of the condition, we’re accurate right from the start. 

What Types of Equipment Do We Buy?

sell commercial equipmentOur large network of buyers for your surplus machinery and materials operates in a wide range of industries and commercial sectors. We buy a wide range of equipment from our sellers online. That includes, but is not limited to:

Energy-related machinery
Manufacturing systems

In addition to this, we handle heavy equipment and agricultural machinery that includes all applications including steel, paper, lumber, metal, plywood, building materials, electronics, and more. No matter if you want to sell electrical equipment, wood, or anything in between, we are the right buyers.

How Is the Value of Equipment Determined?

We determine the value of any of the tools, equipment, machinery, and materials you have based on the shape it’s in and industry trends. We have ample flexibility at our facility in terms of what we can purchase, and that means we can often provide very fair pricing for any type of machinery you have.

Sell Your Equipment to Us Today!

used equipment buyersAs a trusted company that deals with the buying and selling of old, used, and obsolete equipment, you can depend on Central City Group when you want to sell your materials quickly and at a competitive rate. We have a streamlined process in place to ensure the least stressful experience. Contact us now to learn more about the equipment we buy and what we can offer to you for your items, and get started on the process.