The Authority on Salvage. Period.

Salvage doesn't have to be stressful. We handle your salvage, you get back to work.

The Salvage Division specializes in insurance related claims involving damaged inventory, equipment, machinery, and cargo.

We handle all aspects of a claim from beginning to end. Whether steel cargo shifts in transit, a warehouse of retail goods floods, or a natural disaster strikes an equipment dealership, we work with all insurance-related companies to recoup capital from damaged assets working on their terms and time frame.

We purchase all commodities, and by matching the right products for sale with potential buyers, we bring recycling or a better word – repurposing – to its optimum level.

From heavy equipment and trucks to agricultural machinery, metal and merchandise, our salvage division provides full service salvage solutions.

General Merchandise

Everyday Goods, Food, Electronics, Clothing, Retail Items, etc.

Industrial Commodities

Steel, Metal, Building Materials, Lumber, Paper, Textiles, Hardwood Flooring, etc.


Construction, Agricultural, Mining, Forestry, Transportation, etc.


Generators, Presses, Lathes, Shears, Energy-Related, Manufacturing