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Salvage Doesn't Have to be Stressful. We Handle Your Salvage, You Get Back to Work.

The Salvage Division specializes in insurance-related claims involving damaged inventory, equipment, machinery, and cargo.

Our salvage specialists handle all aspects of the claim from beginning to end. Whether steel cargo shifts in transit, a warehouse of retail goods floods, or a natural disaster strikes an equipment dealership, we work with all insurance companies to recoup capital from damaged assets working on their terms and time frame.

We purchase all types of industrial equipment and commodities, and by matching the right products for sale with buyers to maximize your return.

From heavy equipment and agricultural machinery to metal, steel, paper, lumber, plywood, building materials, electronics, and more, our salvage division provides full-service salvage solutions.

General Merchandise

Everyday Goods, Food, Electronics, Clothing, Retail Items, etc.

Industrial Commodities

Steel, Metal, Building Materials, Lumber, Paper, Textiles, Hardwood Flooring, etc.


Construction, Agricultural, Mining, Forestry, Transportation, etc.


Generators, Presses, Lathes, Shears, Energy-Related, Manufacturing

We Specialize in Salvage Machinery & Equipment

Appropriate for many sectors, our processes are a great solution for industries that operate heavy machinery and utilize valuable equipment and materials. From salvage for agricultural enterprises to cargo claims made by shipping and logistics companies, working with Central City Group ensures that you don’t lose on excess or damaged materials.

From Farm Equipment to Construction Equipment, We Handle It All!

Our salvage experts work to recover the value of a wide variety of farming equipment, construction equipment, and other types of damaged heavy equipment across industrial sectors.
At Central City Group, our streamlined salvage support brings our insurance partners peace of mind. For our farming equipment partners, we manage all phases of the sale and purchasing of all equipment types regardless of location and damage.

Our full-service salvage process doesn’t stop with heavy equipment on the agricultural front. To find interested buyers for construction equipment, damaged cargo claims, and other specialized assets, our robust network leads to recouped value in less time. When you partner with our salvage experts, you can expect:

  • Comprehensive salvage management: With Central City Group, we advocate for our partners with full-service solutions and open lines of communication. Our organized processes provide complete sales/purchasing transparency for confidence in every step
  • More opportunities for successful fund recovery: With more buyers at our disposal, we’ll extract maximum value from your equipment and machinery.

Industrial & Heavy Equipment Buyers

salvage construction equipment

Our salvage professionals can assist with other niche equipment and machinery types. Accessible for industrial commodities of many kinds, reach out to our experts for assistance with building materials, metals, lumber, flooring, glass, and other valuable materials you need to recoup for maximum value.

We Handle Cargo Claims & Distressed Assets

Our insurance salvage professionals maintain thousands of heavy equipment, specialized machinery, farm equipment, and construction equipment connections around the world for better salvage value.
Need assistance with the insurance salvage process? From farm equipment to cargo claims and everything in between, our comprehensive salvage and asset recovery services ensure you get back as much capital as possible. We negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf, ensure that your claim is filed correctly, and will continue to advocate for your successful recovery until you have received every dollar you deserve.

Turn Your Heavy Equipment & Machinery Into Cash

If you have machinery lying around, don’t let it collect dust when it can be turned into a monetary asset. Central City Group is dedicated to helping you liquidate your surplus heavy equipment efficiently. We have an extensive network of buyers actively seeking machinery, construction equipment, and farm equipment. By partnering with us, you get the advantage of our industry knowledge and contacts, ensuring that you get the best value for your assets. We lean on our network to ensure you get the best deal every time.

In today's fast-paced construction and agricultural sectors, equipment can often face wear and tear, making them less optimal for primary use. Yet, these machines still hold significant value for the right buyers. At Central City Group, we understand this intricacy and ensure that such equipment gets matched with buyers who recognize their worth. So, instead of letting your valuable machinery rust away, let us assist you in transforming it into cash, benefiting both you and the industry. Reach out to us today, and let us show you how much your heavy equipment and machinery might be worth.

How Is the Value of Salvage Equipment Determined?

salvage construction equipment

Whether it’s auto salvage, cargo claims, or  needing to salvage machinery, heavy  equipment, farm equipment, construction    equipment, and agricultural equipment, all  can be turned into immediate cash. However,  the process of determining salvage value isn’t based on some elaborate calculations or  procedures. It ultimately comes down to  whether the construction equipment,  agricultural equipment, farm equipment, or  other heavy equipment has workable parts,  components, or integrated assemblies that can be refurbished, repaired, or used by interested buyers.

When Centra City Group performs an assessment, we base the value of the salvage on the portions of the vehicle, equipment, or machinery that have escaped damage or are still usable. Instead of assessing a cost for disposal, we turn your salvage into cold hard cash. Given the high volume of parts within today’s vehicles, equipment, and machinery, the portion that’s not damaged – or not worn out – is almost guaranteed to contain electrical parts or components that have value.

Our farm equipment, construction equipment, and heavy equipment salvage process is entirely different from a scrapyard that simply applies a value based on the scrap metal weight. Their goal is most often disposal, whereas ours is to find a use for your salvage. That's why we take a systematic approach to assessing the value of your salvage. We specialize in insurance salvage as well, to ensure claims are properly processed.

What is the Salvage Buying Process?

At Central City Group, we have an established network of global buyers. These buyers rely on our ability to find critical parts for machinery and equipment. We’re able to turn your cargo claims into immediate cash largely due to this expansive network of buyers. Instead of disposal, your damaged equipment can be turned into working capital.

Our salvage specialists are subject-matter experts when it comes to assessing the value of your damaged equipment or machinery. It’s why they’re so highly valued for insurance salvage and why so many companies turn to us to help them recoup some of their damaged inventory, equipment, or machinery. Instead of disposal, you can turn your damaged equipment and machinery into working capital.