Used Construction Equipment Buyers

At Central City Group, we understand the difficulty our construction customers face with receivables. We understand that customers often take 90 or 120 days to pay. This makes proactive cash flow management extremely difficult for construction companies. That’s where we come in. As a global asset management and asset recovery company, Central City Group provides construction companies with critical working capital for used heavy construction equipment they can no longer use and need to sell.

Our success is tied to a comprehensive and interconnected global buying group. We’ve established a network of buyers willing to pay top dollar for unusable construction equipment or heavy construction equipment past its serviceable life. It’s the same selling approach we use when we sell farm equipment to help farmers get much-needed cash.

Sell Your Construction Equipment to Us!

sell my heavy equipmentLet’s assume you have some used construction equipment you need to sell. What are your selling options? You could sell it to a scrapyard, but then you’re only getting a value for the scrap metal. This is not your best solution as portions of the heavy construction equipment are still usable. You could try selling it online, but selling it online limits your chance of getting the best possible selling price because all your buyers will be local – or worse – competitors.

Central City Group is the best of all your selling options. Our buyers are global, not local. Our demand for selling prices is much larger and our trained asset recovery specialists bring a wealth of experience from multiple other construction markets.

Simply put, Central City Group is the best option for maximizing the value of your used construction equipment and other heavy equipment assets. Whether you’re looking to sell warehouse equipment you no longer use, or obsolete construction equipment, we are the best possible partner.

Types of Construction Equipment We Buy

Whether it is selling an excavator, dragline excavator, bulldozer, loader, crane, pavers, concrete mixer, concrete pump, roller, track loader, backhoe, or compactor, Central City Group appraisal value is based on current global demand.

  • Excavator
  • Dragline Excavator
  • Bulldozer
  • Loader
  • Crane
  • Paver
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Concrete PumpRoller
  • Track Loader
  • Backhoe
  • Compactor
  • And More

How is The Value of Heavy Equipment Determined?

The value of your heavy equipment is determined by the current demand from our global list of buyers. Our asset recovery specialists assess the current condition of your construction assets and base the selling price on those portions of your current construction equipment assets that are still usable or have immediate value to buyers.

Instead of simply assessing a scrap value, we determine a selling value that is in line with giving you the best possible recovery price for your construction equipment. Whether it’s the hydraulic system, blade, cab portion, engine or engine parts, ripper, or tracks of a bulldozer, we assess a sell price based on the current condition of individual parts of your heavy construction equipment.

Is There Any Documentation Required for Selling Your Equipment?

In terms of documentation, we often ask that our construction customers provide any operating manuals or instructions if available. Information and documentation relative to the type, make, and model of your heavy construction equipment all help us to get you the best possible selling price for your existing assets.

Our asset recovery specialists will take the necessary photos, or you can provide photos yourself online when initially reaching out to us. Ultimately, any documentation that defines the quality, make, and ownership is appreciated.

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sell construction equipmentCentral City Group has developed an unbeatable reputation for helping construction companies get the best selling price for their current heavy construction equipment assets. With a dedicated and committed team of asset recovery specialists and managers, we bring a wealth of appraisal experience our customers can leverage for working capital.

If you have heavy construction equipment or other heavy equipment to sell and want the best value for these assets, contact us now.