Asset Division

Your assets, our experience, innovative solutions.

The asset division assists financial, energy related, public and private institutions with generating the highest return on investment for distressed inventories, equipment, and miscellaneous assets.

We provide solutions that are customized to your unique situation. Our experience with a variety of inventories in multiple industries, allows us to launch a strategic plan for disposition of inventory to generate capital and cash flow.

  • Listening to our clients and create a unique, tailored approach to meet their needs.
  • Organizing all aspects of the presentation of the material
  • Contacting our established network of thousands of buyers
  • Scouring the globe for new industry specific customers. Our highly experienced sales team has learned that personal and direct contact with key decisions makers is the most successful way to maximize returns.
  • Attaining prices that surpass our client's expectations. If appropriate, we arrange and accompany buyers to inspect assets, and verify their financial stability to ensure a seamless transaction.
  • Arranging for payment, loading and transportation in a timely fashion

Through our strategic approach, we give our clients the opportunity to generate capital from underperforming assets and get back to business as usual.

Financial Institutions

Banks, Lenders, Creditors, etc.

Energy Related Goods

Electricity, Oil & Gas, Utility Companies, etc.

Public and Private Institutions

Any examples?