Used Machinery Buyers

Central City Group turns your unused equipment and assets into capital to use for any needs you have. We buy industrial equipment and machinery of all types. If you need more space in your warehouse or want to upgrade to new systems, maximize your returns by turning to Central City Group as your buyers.

Our comprehensive network of buyers is looking for your used, damaged, or obsolete equipment. If you need to liquidate industrial, manufacturing, agricultural, or other types of machinery to buyers you can trust to provide a fair value, contact Central City Group now.

Sell Your Industrial Equipment to Us!

sell used machineryOur professionals are knowledgeable, trusted, and dedicated to our clients. We treat you fairly and always are just a phone call away when you have a question. Our experts can offer assistance for all types of industrial equipment sales. If you have surplus industrial equipment you need to sell, you will not find better buyers than our team!

We handle all types of industrial equipment for most industries including steel, paper, lumber, building materials, flooring, and textiles. If you have equipment for any aspect of these industries, and you are ready to get rid of it, put us to work for you. We handle all types of industrial equipment for all aspects of manufacturing. If you have machinery that is older, not in use, or otherwise not meeting your objectives, give us a call for fast, reliable help.

What Types of Industrial Equipment Do We Buy?

As a top-rated surplus and salvage machinery company, you can turn to Central City Group no matter what type of industrial equipment you have. We handle:

Energy-related equipment and machinery
Manufacturing equipment
Whether heavy equipment for agriculture or highly specialized industrial machinery, Central City Group is the go-to buyer you need for a fast and convenient process. Selling to us is the best way to turn your equipment into the capital your company needs.

You can turn to our team for help with a wide range of industrial equipment and surplus inventory. You can sell farm equipment to us or turn to us with your surplus lumber. Our team is dedicated to helping you to get fair value for all of the equipment you have on your property.

What Is the Machinery Buying Process?

sell industrial equipmentWhether you need to sell construction equipment, highly precise industrial equipment, or used manufacturing systems, call Central City Group. We keep the process of selling to us as simple and straightforward as possible. Our evaluation is based on condition, what our buyers can pay for it, and what you are selling it for. 

It starts with a conversation about your equipment with our team. Depending on your specific industrial equipment, we will offer an appraisal process or provide you with a valuation over the phone based on what you tell us. All transactions are based on inspection of the equipment.

We aim to help you recoup maximum value for all of your surplus used equipment and materials. If you have unused equipment sitting around, it could be costing you money and may be highly desirable to other buyers. Selling used equipment has never been easier than it is when you are working with our team.

Contact Us Today to Get Started!

sell manufacturing equipmentAre you ready to sell? When you want an easy selling process to fair buyers, turn to Central City Group for immediate help. We work hand-in-hand with sellers to help them get fair value for the equipment that they have sitting around.

Get started now. Give us a call to provide some basic information about the used machinery and industrial equipment you need to sell. We can then provide you with a fast estimate of the value while also setting up a formal inspection and evaluation based on what you have to offer. There is no easier way to get rid of your unused equipment!