Farm Equipment Buyers

At Central City Group, we’re proud of the relationship we’ve built with our farming customers. They trust us to get them the best possible sell price for their farm equipment. They know we’ll bring a wealth of insight and a global network of buyers interested in their used agricultural farming equipment. It’s about helping our farming customers get the best possible liquidation value for their used farm equipment while providing them with much-needed cash.

At Central City Group, we’re known for our ability to help farming customers and companies sell industrial equipment at the best price. We’re known for the meticulous approach we take to assessing a sell price to the value of used farm equipment. More importantly, we’re known for our hassle-free approach to maximizing the value of our farming customers’ assets.

If you have a farm with used equipment you can no longer use or have space for, then our agricultural asset recovery specialists can increase your returns and monetize your used equipment.

Sell Your Farm & Agricultural Equipment to Us!

sell farm equipmentThe approach we take when we sell construction equipment is to determine what portions of the used equipment can be used and are in demand from our global buyers. It’s the same approach we take when buying your agricultural farming equipment.

Whether it’s buying used farming equipment like seeders, tractors, mowers, backhoes, cultivators, balers, planters, transplanters, ATVs and UTVs, broadcast seeders, or large rakes, we focus on maximizing the return on your farming equipment assets.

Whether you’re thinking about downsizing and need immediate cash, or want to avoid the high financing costs that come from taking out another load, our efficiency in helping you monetize your used farm equipment can provide you with much-needed money.

We Ensure You Get The Best Return For Your Farm Equipment

Our success with our agricultural customers comes from a compassionate and understanding approach to their needs. We understand the everyday challenges our farming customers face. We know that financing their farm equipment and operations is costly. This is why our entire asset recovery team focuses on giving you the best return for their used farm equipment.

Benefits of Working With Central City Group

sell agricultural equipmentThink about the used farm equipment you currently have and need to sell. Think about the options you have to get the best sell price. Most farmers try to sell their used farming equipment to other farmers. Some try to monetize their used farming equipment online. Others think that the only way to monetize their used equipment is to sell it for scrap.

None of these solutions give you the best sale price. None of them help you maximize the current value of your agricultural assets. Selling your farming equipment online limits your buyers to those closest to you. Our solution is focused on a global approach to buying your used equipment.

We first start by identifying the portions of your used farm equipment that have value to our global group of buyers. We then itemize these components and parts and provide you with a total value for the most important components and parts of your used farm equipment.

Next, we leverage our global buyers to bring you the highest possible amount for all your used equipment. You get fantastic service, access to a global buying network, work with trustworthy asset recovery professionals and get instant cash for all your used equipment.

The result is a trustworthy partner that provides a higher return, faster payment, and more immediate access to working capital. No worrying about having to negotiate with local buyers. No having to haggle about when you’ll be paid. No more worrying about how you’ll turn your current used equipment into the money you need right now.

  • A quick assessment of the value of your used equipment
  • Highly trained asset recovery specialists
  • A global network of in-demand buyers
  • The highest possible value for your used farming equipment
  • Quick Payment
  • Hassle-free transactions
  • Trustworthy partner

Get Started With Us Today!

Central City Group works with farmers every single day. Our asset recovery specialists and asset managers help them turn their used farm equipment into immediate and much-needed money. We would love to do the same for you. If you have used farm equipment you need to sell and want the best value for that used equipment, contact us now.