Sell Your Surplus Lumber & Plywood

surplus lumberIf you have an excess surplus of lumber or plywood, the experienced team at Central City Group can help you turn that extra inventory into cash. You don’t have to take a loss when it comes to offloading your excess wood. Selling your lumber has never been easier thanks to our simple, proven process that helps you get rid of your stockpile quickly. Whether you’ve got surplus paper rolls, too much hardwood, or an entire warehouse full of surplus softwood, we’ll help you liquidate your excess goods regardless of your specific industry or location.

Liquidate Your Excess Lumber with Central City Group

The team of asset recovery experts at Central City Group will work with you to sell your surplus wood. We have a streamlined system and support team in place to ensure you always have peace of mind. Our team works hard to manage every phase of the sale regardless of the type of wood, the location, or if it has any signs of damage. No matter what type of overstock you’re sitting on, we’re happy to take a closer look and make an offer. Instead of letting your lumber sit in a large stockpile, sell it to us today. Not only will you get some extra money, but you’ll make room for more important things to help your business grow.

Our Buying Process for Plywood & Lumber

surplus plywoodThe robust network at Central City Group looks for the best ways to help you recoup value in as little time as possible. We advocate for our partners with full-service solutions, and we always keep the lines of communication open, so you have total transparency throughout the entire transaction. Our organized buying and selling process ensures that you’re confident about the transaction every step of the way. Whether you want to sell construction equipment or your surplus lumber and plywood, we’ll make sure you recoup the value in the fastest possible amount of time.

Central City Group has a wide range of buyers at our disposal, so we can get the maximum value for your surplus wood. Let our asset recovery professionals help you with other niche items like machinery, equipment, industrial commodities, and much more. All you need to do is contact our experts, and we’ll get started right away. From lumber to glass, flooring, and other building materials, our team can help you recoup some of your hard-earned investment. If you need to handle an insurance claim, we negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to make sure your claim is filed correctly. Not only that, but we’ll keep advocating for you to make sure you get every single dollar you deserve.

Sell Your Surplus Lumber to Central City Group!

With Central City Group, selling your surplus lumber and plywood has never been easier. Don’t just let piles of wood sit around and collect dust when you can turn it into cash value. We will make sure that we liquidate everything you need, including surplus heavy equipment, hardwood, machinery, and so much more. Our industry knowledge and contacts make us the foremost experts in our field. We understand the demands of today’s fast-paced construction industry, and that’s why we work hard to ensure that every transaction goes smoothly.

Turn those piles of excess lumber into cash today. Surplus negotiation is our specialty, and our management services offer the most buyer options alongside open-minded collaboration. We’re globally connected and in constant pursuit of finding, buying, and selling the most valuable inventory available. Rather than offloading your surplus wood and other inventory locally with a lowball offer, contact us first. You’ll be surprised at the offers we can make to our customers. No matter what industry you’re in, get in touch with the team at Central City Group by contacting us online, or giving us a call at (800) 933-1952 today!