Sell Surplus Paper Rolls

Whether you need to sell warehouse equipment or have surplus items, Central City Group has the experience and ability to ensure you capitalize on your surplus stock, inventory, and materials. One item that you may have a surplus of is paper rolls. Turn your extra stock, inventory, and surplus items into working cash and create space for new supplies.

We Will Buy Your Surplus Paper Rolls

surplus paper rolls sellingPaper rolls have many uses, such as printing receipts and invoices, completing paperwork, creating promotional material, and more. While these paper rolls are useful when needed, they can take up much of your valuable space when you have a surplus.

Maybe you ordered too many paper rolls and now you have a larger supply than necessary. You may have changed course in your business venture and don’t need as many of these products. Having a surplus of paper rolls can be cumbersome. A surplus supply of paper rolls can also hinder your profitability. This extra inventory is essentially dead stock waiting to be recouped. Offloading your surplus paper rolls can provide you with working capital and free up space for new critical supplies.

We Specialize in Buying & Repurposing Excess Paper Inventory

At Central City Group, we will help you turn your surplus paper rolls into capital. Through repurposing the paper rolls, you can maximize recovery value. When working with Central City Group, an advisor will work closely with you to secure the best disposal plan possible so that your company has the highest potential for maximum profits.

Our Buying Process

From surplus lumber to surplus paper rolls, Central City Group is here to guide you through the buying process. We serve as an intermediary, managing the entire process from start to finish. This allows your business operations to continue seamlessly, without interruption.

Our buying process is simple for you. We go over your inventory to assess the best possible way to recoup your value and keep things trim. We have connections with thousands of buyers across the globe in various industries. By communicating directly with critical members, we can secure top dollar on your surplus paper rolls. Once a buyer is arranged, we see things through to the payment and transporting the paper rolls out of your facility.

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paper rolls buyersCentral City Group specializes in buying and repurposing excess paper inventory. Visit our website for more details about our process. You can contact us directly today!